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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72 Pack

  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72 Pack
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72 Pack

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72 Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Soft, thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows
  • Light fast, richly saturated pigments
  • Ultra smooth, even color lay down
  • Thick, robust leads resist cracking and chipping
  • 72 premium colored pencils
  • Artist quality colored pencils for every level of expertise
  • Colors are easily blended, slow to wear and waterproof
  • Soft, thick cores create a smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading
  • Package contains one 9 3/4 by 8 1/8 by 1 1/8 inches tin with 72 pencils
  • Made in USA
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Customer Reviews

So disapointed!!!!I was so excited to order these colored pencils. Unfortunately, about 1/2 the leads are broken so all I have done is sharpened them and I've used the Prismacolor sharpener. It was a lot of money for pencils that I can't even use! I am not sure what they did with these but I am definitely not please! 1Great Pencils ~If You Know How to Sharpen Them~ (x2 problems with solutions)I can't compare these to other higher quality pencil sets, this is about all I've ever used as they are the standard in the industry. Of course they do not come without flaws, #1 and most widely known is the breakage issue, the lead basically falls out if you sharpen them too much and before you know it your 7.5" pencil is 2" and you can no longer get a grip on it. There is a message under the FAQ section on the prismacolor website stating "If the core slides out of the pencil this generally means the core was not properly glued to the wood and returning the pencil would be advisable" Well heads up, returning them will not fix the problem, they all have this issue. I was aware of this problem before I bought them but I knew these pencils color so well it wasn't worth risking losing money trying a different brand, so I decided to manage. Well turns out there IS in fact a solution. The next day I went to my local art store and talked to a very knowledgeable employee who is owed a well earned pay raise for fixing this problem, she recommended a pencil sharpener made specifically for soft lead made by 'pro art'. I admit I did not have much confidence this would solve the problem but sure enough I got home and sharpened every dull pencil with no breakage. Best part is it only cost me $2.50. This is the pro art soft sharpener (picture below). Part # is above the bar code on the back & reads 'PRO 3083'. This is a MUST HAVE if you plan to purchase these as a regular sharpener just won't 'cut it' (haha get it?)2nd gripe I have is with the organization, the flimsy plastic holders that hold the pencils slide the pencils out of order and make a mess. Of course I bought this for the pencils, not the container, but I did find, for me personally -and you may have a better idea- the best way to organize them was to simply rubber band the shades together. I separated the different colors (blue, green, red etc) then put black/white/silver/gold separate, gray tones separate and then skin tones (pinks and tans) separate since I frequently use those 2 sets in conjunction with one another. So far it's worked out very well. If you aren't mobile and have a work desk of course it would make more sense to have some kind of fixed holder.As far as the pencils themselves, they wear very fast but they color and blend very well and that makes it worth the cost if you're serious about your work. They are waxy so they slide on the paper very naturally, I press down hard and they hold up pretty well without ripping through the paper. I used to love art growing up but the past 10 years my life has been work and problems and I got away from my one true talent. I hope if you're dreams are to become an artist you follow them, I regret not following mine but I'm trying to relearn all I lost.4.5 stars! 5they are AMAZING, well packagedI bought this 150 set of Prismacolor pencils before about 2 weeks now and did some drawings .so first of all it is AMAZING soft , blend easily and the result is great . about the breaking issue honestly I sharpened many colors of the set many times and it didn't break not even once .a tip before you start using your set take a hair dryer and try to move the heat all over the pencils then leave them for 15 to 30 minutes to cool down . this way you will avoid any breaking issues while sharpening your pencils .I definitely recommend prismacolor pencils for anyone who loves to draw 5RECEIVED USED PENCILSTotally disappointed. The tin was not in a wrapping. All the pencils had come out loose in the outer box. To make it worse the pencils were NOT the same length. It was obvious many had been used and one was an inch shorter than most. Lots were blunted by use. I'm awaiting my replacement set. 1150 MISTAKES...With all due respect to the glowing reviews for this product, I must respectfully weigh in here. I've used Prismacolor Premier colored pencils for the past 25 years. Having recently purchased a large set for my older daughter on Amazon, I can say with 100% confidence that this brand has declined STEEPLY in quality. I compared my old set of 72 with her new set, and even being considerably older than my own child, the original Prismas are distinctly higher in quality. Her new set came with SERIOUSLY off-centered leads, wooden shafts that are either cracked or completely different colors from one half to the other, and most concerning, the cores in many of the pencils seems to be waxier and clumps/flakes no matter what we do. I even found one pencil stamped with a misspelled color name; not a deal-breaker in and of itself, but clearly another indication of the level (or lack thereof) of quality control.I believe that many of the higher reviews for this product are from before the company began cutting corners...a search online will quickly reveal that cracked wood, broken leads, off-centered cores, and other issues have been present for several years now. I'm not new to these pencils; I know every trick in the book for sharpening, warming the cores, and handling them with care. Notwithstanding, when the product arrives damaged (after I paid for overnight shipping to reduce the amount of jostling/handling they'd otherwise receive), it's disheartening at best.I contacted Prismacolor directly about this issue, and was told that if I sent them photos of some of my damaged pencils, they would send me a return mailing label with which I could send back the set. And then I could wait seven to 10 business days, as another set was sent from Mexico to Tennessee, and then ultimately back to me. While I appreciate the offer to replace them, I see no point in going through all of that in order to get the same product AGAIN, this time with additional transit concerns and no guarantee that the pencils would be any better than what I currently have.There's no disputing that Prismacolor has chosen to make some changes to their production, be it in quality control, materials, manufacturing, or all of the above. Their steep decline in pricing reflects that reality; a 72-count set used to run more than $1 per pencil, and now sells for half that price. I almost NEVER write reviews on Amazon, but felt strongly that if someone could avoid my costly mistake it would be worth it; maybe if more people did the same, the people manufacturing Prismacolors would bring back the "Premier" that once made them such a great product. 1Shattered DreamsI am very sad. I have used prismacolors before and never had the problem I am having with this set. The packaging was fine but as I started (on work I'm getting paid for, or maybe not since I can't finish it) the first bit of the pencils were fine. Upon further use and some sharpening, I found out the color on the inside was absolutely shattered. I'm leaving a picture where you can see how much was wasted and that it's not just broken but fragmented. I used the sharpener that hasn't given these problems before either. Maybe better packaging could have been used, but I am very disappointed that I had to wait so long for a defective product. 1QalityI did not expect that it will be such a big difference between Prismacolor and different brand pencils... They are very smooth and quality is just amazing! First photo different brand, second prismacolor pencils. 5I love these color pencilsI love these color pencils. They are pricey, but you are getting better quality pencils. They are soft core, meaning you don't have to bare down on them to get a nice color. In fact doing so will break the tips. Just go over your area more then once if you want a darker color (not hard to achieve). I bought these pencils at full retail (not at a discount). If my review was helpful to you, please click yes below. 5GREAT Colored Pencils But Choose Wisely...More is not always better!This is a great set of colored pencils, especially for artists.* If you're a professional artist that requires multiple shades of one color, the set of 150 colored pencils is for you, especially if you are working on people's portraits. This set has so many variations of yellows, blues, reds, orange, greens, browns, creams, etc, that it's difficult to distinguish the difference from one shade to the other. For example, this set has 12 shades of gray, so unless you're a professional artist, chances are you will not use them all. * If you're not a professional artist but you want a set of amazing, great quality colored pencils for school, arts and crafts, coloring books, or any other project, I recommend purchasing a smaller set. I believe that a set of 48, or at the most 60 colors, is more than adequate. Prismacolors are easy to blend so by combining colors you'll be able to achieve the colors you need/want. * If you purchase the 48 or 60 color set and you want a color not in the set, Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils are also sold individually, so you can buy any additional colors you need.It is less expensive buying a few additional colors, than buying the big set and not using 30-40% of the colors in the set.*** If yo want to save money, review the 2 pictures I posted and you'll notice there's not much variation between some colors *** 5Highest quality and easy to use gorgeous colored pencilsMy world is now colorful. Colors that are rich, gorgeous, and exciting to behold. I am totally new to coloring and to buying colored pencils as a grown adult. And I must say, all the research led to the Prismacolor brand being #1 and while it was also the most expensive, I decided I deserve to have the very best pencils since I didn't when I was little and would have loved to color. Well, I am GLAD I splurged on moi!These pencils are of the highest quality. They come in a gorgeous box, stacked up 3 high, and well organized. I do wish the plastic base level of each set of pencils was of harder more durable material, but eh. It works. There are no duplicate colors, just shades of similar colors. The outer box is beautiful, durable, and high quality.I was also able to use the Prismacolor pencil sharpener with these pencils. It was fine, not the greatest match of pencil to sharpener, but I'm still experimenting on that front.When you color with these, you apply just enough pressure as if you were writing. The color comes out rich and beautiful. Loose powder from the pencil will come off but it's minimal, blow it away and move on. All the colors are gorgeous. I noticed also that the color is as close as it gets to the pencil color itself.Below is the first use of these colors in one of my favorite Adult Coloring books by Blue Star. The creative energy emerging from using the pencils and coloring in peace is a feeling you would want to repeat. Enjoy and don't go cheap when it comes to your art and creativity. I LOVE Prismacolor.Update: March 12thI am soooo frustrated with Prismacolor pencils - the lead BREAKING again and again after sharpening using their own CRAPPY pencil sharpener, and also another one, which leads me to believe it is the pencils themselves. I spent 20 minutes sharpening pencils tonight and they broke over and over. I'm reducing my rating to TWO-star from what I had hoped would be a permanent raving FIVE star. If you can't sharpen them long enough to use them, what good are they?!Update: July 19thI'm going up to 4-star rating on the Prismacolor pencils again, why? Because the issues from March were ENTIRELY the fault of the Prismacolor CRAPPIEST-EVER manufactured pencil sharpener. I am shocked they are risking their brand with such a piece of garbage but alas, the pencils are good. I bought 3 new pencil sharpeners. Here's are the 3 sharpeners that I recommend and use all the time: Portable Battery Operated Electric Pencil Sharpener Best for Office School Teachers or Coloring as well as Laneco Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener, Battery Or Adapters Operated, Including Replacement Blades, Great For Classroom, Office, School, Kids, Adults And High Volume Use and last but not least, my most favorite: X-Acto Model KS Table- or Wall-Mount Pencil Sharpener (1031) 4
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